Sri Lanka

During 2016 IRIS financed a program of 35 eye screening, refraction and cataract surgery camps organized by the Foundation for Improvement of Sight & Health (25 camps) and the Sri Lanka Eye Foundation (10 camps) that provided eye examinations to 15,513 poor people, gave glasses to 7,297 visually impaired people and fully restored the sight of 2,343 people by providing them with cataract surgery.


During 2016 IRIS provided a grant of US$176, 141 to the Eye Care Foundation (Netherlands) to support the annual outreach eye care program of the Himalaya Eye Hospital (Pokhara) and the Mechi Eye Hospital (Jhapa). A grant of $US79,700 was given to IRIS Nepal, a local voluntary organisation established by a group of Nepalese Ophthalmologists, which IRIS has financially supported since 1998. The programs resulted in a total of 70,682 people having eye examinations, 3,090 people being provided glasses and 4,421 people having blindness prevention surgery to fully restore their sight.

Cambodia (past project)

At the Annual General Meeting in April 2013, IRIS trustees took the decision to close its Cambodia program with effect from 31st December 2013. Having financially supported Cambodia for the past 18 years, the decision was taken largely as a result of the Australian Government’s policy of investing specifically in the development of sustainable eye care services in Cambodia.


In 2005 IRIS funded 3 projects in Lao PDR, a new eye clinic in Xayabury Province, a school screening program in Vientiane and conversion of an ambulance to a mobile cataract unit.

In 2017, IRIS provided a grant of approximately US$ 78,000 to the Eye Care Foundation (Netherlands) to support the development of eye clinics across a number of provinces.