Nearly 600,000 poor people have benefitted for IRIS eye care provision – and we are still counting!!

Since inception in 1996 to end December 2015, IRIS has provided comprehensive eye care services to almost 600,000 poor people living in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Nepal. […]

IRIS trustees & friends visit to Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burma

IRIS trustees, Michele Claudel & Andy Richards, together with friends Portia Forte and Valerie Maier and Roger Biggs, IRIS Director of Programs, visited projects IRIS is supporting last November. Projects visited in [click picture on right for more [….]

Welcome to the IRIS website

International Resources for the Improvement of Sight (IRIS) is a charity founded in 1996 by Michele Claudel and John Stewart. The charity specializes in prevention of blindness and restoration of sight and as of December 2015 had performed 597,757 eye examinations, 128,526 sight restoring surgeries and distributed 78,478 pairs of spectacles, free of charge, to visually impaired people.

Bienvenue sur le site d'IRIS

«Ressources internationales pour l’amélioration de la vue» est une petite organisation non gouvernementale indépendante créée en 1996 par Michèle Claudel et John Stewart. Elle est essentiellement active dans les domaines de la prévention de la cécité et de la restauration de la vue.

Seeing Cambodia